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Gain next level visibility with unmatched capabilities to create alignment between every flow in your business and by doing so increase revenue.

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Enable sales and revenue data collection and metric tracking in real-time with Salesforce, HubSpot, Stripe, Tableau, and more to fully leverage your data to drive impact.  

Metrics library

Choose metrics

Visualize your metrics on a fully customizable platform fit to your business type and industry. Alta's metrics store provides customers with predefined templates and metrics and best practices created by experts.

Actionable Insights

Take Action with AIta AI

Receive actionable insights with clear revenue impact and root cause analysis anywhere. Use Alta Copilot for follow-up questions and deeper analysis. Instantly share insights and dashboards with teams via Slack, email, Teams, SMS, and more.

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Our customers

The world's top companies trust Alta

"Alta's beauty and ease of use are paramount. It's the most user-friendly revenue analytics tool we've found, implemented seamlessly in days. A breath of fresh air!"
Moran Altarac

Moran Altarac

VP Marketing
"Alta eliminates hours spent on reports, freeing our RevOps team to add more value, strategize, and align GTM teams effectively"
Gal Omer

Gal Omer

Head Of RevOps

“As a Revenue Operations leader, identifying bottlenecks was always time-consuming. Alta has taken that challenge head-on, Our operations are now so much more efficient”
Elizabeth DiRusso

Elizabeth DiRusso

Revops leader, Eleos

"Before Alta, extracting reports from various systems was time-consuming. Now, all business metrics are easily accessible in one place. Alerts keep us proactive with data engagement."
Daniel Kretzmer

Daniel Kretzmer

Business Operations

"Thanks to Alta, our forecast accuracy has soared. Alerts on my phone deliver crucial insights instantly, enhancing our readiness for various scenarios."
Maya Brodosky

Maya Brodosky


AI Powered Platform

Revolutionize your revenue with Alta AI

Unlock instant business answers, actionable insights, and predictive AI forecasts. Empower your team to interact with data effortlessly and make informed decisions faster with Alta’s 24/7 AI business partner.

Security & compliance

Reach business goals with peace of mind

At Alta we take our customers’ data very seriously. Ensuring enterprise-level privacy and security is at the foundation of what we do. We are SOC2 compliant.

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