Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alta?

Alta's mission is to empower companies in maximizing their most valuable asset— the revenue engine, it becomes a go-to solution for dozens of executive teams and revenue operators across diverse sectors, including teams from Ipsos,, Nimble, Trullion and more.

Alta specializes in making business metrics easy to track and forecast. It digs deep into data to find valuable actionable insights, helping streamline the journey towards hitting KPIs and OKRs. By integrating with key systems (ERP, CRM, Marketing, Billing), the solution models and visualizes business data, providing business monitoring and actionable insights for optimizing operational and business processes.

Can I try Alta for free?

Certainly! Simply sign up directly from our website to begin your 14-day free trial. This no-obligation trial gives you full access to explore the power and capabilities of our platform, allowing you to experience how Alta can transform your data into strategic advantages for your business.

How long does it take to start using Alta?

Our implementation period is very short, it takes from a few minutes up to 1 day, depending on the customers' data. Alta platform's ease of use, over 40 integrations in one-click and dozens of prebuilt metrics and dashboards tailored for various use cases help you get started instantly, bypassing lengthy implementation timelines of conventional BI and revenue analytics solutions. Our intuitive interface ensures that all users can easily navigate and use the platform and get insights with ease.

What types of data can be monitored and analyzed using Alta?

Alta platform can monitor and analyze a wide range of data, it has over 50 seamless most common CRMs, ERPs, billing platforms and can analyze their customer behavior, sales and revenue, performance metrics, and more. It also has the ability to integrate and analyze data from multiple sources.

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We already have CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.), why do I need Alta?

While Salesforce and HubSpot excel at managing customer relationships, streamlining sales pipelines, and organizing contact information, Alta uniquely enhances your analytics by aggregating multiple data sources to offer a comprehensive view of your business. It delivers deeper, predictive insights and advanced forecasting capabilities, directly addressing the gap where CRMs require a team of analysts to support data needs. Alta simplifies this complexity with a suite of predefined and prebuilt metrics, dashboards, and models, enabling immediate, actionable insights without the additional overhead. By integrating Alta with your CRM, you can not only enhance your CRM's operational efficiency but also to leverage your data for strategic decision-making, identifying growth opportunities, and optimizing sales processes. Alta transforms your CRM data into a strategic asset for accelerated growth and a competitive edge, all without the necessity for additional analyst support, creating a powerful ecosystem that propels your business forward.

Can I use Alta although I already have a BI set up?

Absolutely, incorporating Alta into your existing Business Intelligence (BI) setup can significantly augment and enhance its performance. Alta seamlessly integrates with your current BI systems to enrich data analysis and visualization capabilities. By leveraging advanced predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms, Alta enhances data completeness and accuracy, enabling you to derive more profound, actionable insights.Moreover, Alta offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the system to meet your specific business needs and challenges. This level of personalization ensures that your BI system is not just a tool for data analysis but a strategic asset that aligns with your organizational goals, driving improved decision-making and operational efficiency.

Why can't I just add analytics to my BI tool?

While it is possible to add analytics to your BI tool, doing so often requires the involvement of data scientists, as these systems require extensive customization to meet specific analytical needs, including starting from scratch for complex predictive analytics. This process is not only time-consuming but also resource-intensive. In contrast, Alta is an AI-powered solution that bypasses these hurdles by providing a sophisticated platform ready to deliver actionable insights without the need for extensive manual setup. With Alta, businesses gain direct access to advanced analytics and clear strategies for action, streamlining the path to achieving their objectives without the overhead of creating custom analytics solutions from the ground up.

What's the difference between Alta and BI tool?

Alta distinguishes itself from traditional BI tools through its specialized focus on AI-driven revenue forecasting and actionable insights tailored specifically for revenue optimization. It's designed with a user-friendly interface for swift adoption across all company levels, ensuring that actionable data insights are accessible to everyone, not just data specialists. Unlike BI tools that often require extensive setup and specialized knowledge to build custom dashboards and metrics, Alta offers prebuilt sales metrics, data models, and dashboards, enabling rapid deployment and immediate value to revenue teams. While BI systems offer a broad spectrum of analytics capabilities, they can be complex and time-intensive to implement, often leading to data bottlenecks. In contrast, Alta streamlines the process, allowing teams to quickly leverage data for strategic decisions, making it a crucial tool for any organization aiming to enhance its data-driven revenue growth strategies efficiently.

What makes Alta different from other revenue platforms?

Alta stands out in the revenue platform market with its seamless data integration, making complex analytics accessible through a user-friendly interface. Powered by AI, it delivers deep insights and forecasts, complemented by extensive features like Slice & Dice, Sankey visualization, and a vast metrics library. Continuously evolving, Alta expands its capabilities to meet emerging needs, emphasizing customer-oriented support to maximize user benefits. This blend of innovation, comprehensive functionality, and dedicated support positions Alta as a premier choice for businesses seeking to leverage data for strategic advantage.

Are there privacy issues with access to our CRM or ERP data?

Alta prioritizes the privacy and security of our customers' data above all, enhancing your revenue engine's efficiency by responsibly using data without compromising individual privacy. Our platform is designed with robust access controls, allowing you to dictate data visibility to maintain confidentiality and security. We are proud to be SOC2 compliant, underscoring our commitment to adhering to the highest standards of data protection. This compliance ensures that we operate within strict privacy laws and employ advanced security measures, safeguarding every piece of information and providing a secure, intelligent solution for boosting sales and protecting data integrity.