Early monday.com employees, led an internal BI platform, "Big Brain", that is now relied on for all day-to-day operations by the entire company. Previously, a product lead of growth org at monday, generating millions of dollars in revenues.

Holds  B.Sc in Computer Science and Statistics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Stav Levi CEO picture

Stav Neumark

Co-founded two startups backed by VCs: Xperiti, a cash flow positive business with fortune 500 clients; and Cervello, as part of the Zell entrepreneurship program. Previously a captain in the Israeli Air Force, led a BI anti ballistic missiles product.

Holds MBA from NYU, and BA in accounting and LLB from Reichman University (IDC).

Mor Shabtai Picture

Mor Shabtai

Previously a tech lead at monday.com, managed teams of developers to build from scratch the billing system that processes over $500M a year from over 200K different accounts. 
Previously, the co-founder and CTO of WeDo, growing it to +100K active users.

Holds MBA and B.Sc in Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Tom Hoffen Picture

Tom Hoffen

Alta values

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Transparency in decision-making processes, plans, and goals involves openly and honestly sharing this information with stakeholders and employees. This promotes trust, accountability, and access to information for all involved parties.


Being open and transparent about weaknesses allows for accountability and continuous improvement, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration in the workplace.


We value diversity in all its forms and believe that a diverse workforce leads to better decision-making and more innovative solutions.


We empower our employees to take ownership of their work and make decisions that drive our company forward.

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We are always looking for new and creative solutions to challenges, and encourage our team members to think outside the box.


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We believe that work should be enjoyable, and strive to create a fun and engaging work environment for our team members.