Protecting your data is our greatest priority

Your data security is our top priority. We have implemented strict security protocols and requirements, such as ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018, and undergo regular security audits and assessments. We take every measure to ensure the physical, procedural, and technical security of your data and comply with the most stringent data protection laws. Choose us to safeguard your data with confidence.

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External Security Audits and Penetration Tests

We are dedicated to ensuring the security and privacy of our customers. That's why we are thrilled to announce that we have achieved SOC-2 Type 2 certification.

This rigorous certification is not easy to attain, but we are committed to investing the time and resources necessary to ensure the protection of our customers' data. We also regularly engage with an external security firm for penetration testing to further strengthen our defenses. If you would like to learn more about our approach to security and privacy, please contact us to request a copy of our penetration testing reports under a nondisclosure agreement.

Security is our DNA

Alta uses world-leading security solutions to secure our service so your data can be kept safe.

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We only use AWS Managed services and keep them securely isolated on a private VPC network. We strictly control both network traffic and access, following a "Zero Trust" model. For example, we use AWS IAM to ensure that simply having access to the private network is not enough to access a system. We also require the ability to identify the user and grant access to resources based on their role and permissions. As part of our ongoing compliance and DevSecOps practices, we monitor AWS security event streams like CloudTrail and GuardDuty. We are immediately alerted if our base images have any vulnerabilities and take swift action to address them.
Zero Trust